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In the new series MIDMRKT Local, Symantec and MIDMRKT Suite partner to bring together local IT executives for interactive discussions on cybersecurity. Thus far, we’ve met with nearly 100 executives in the following cities: Alexandria, Virginia Salt Lake City, UT Minneapolis, MN Milwaukie, WI Here’s a recap of what we’ve learned thus far! There are a multitude of threats that make cybersecurity an overwhelming endeavor for many IT departments, but emails and websites continue to be the most common, most damaging entry points for hackers. The increasing number of remote workers and fake [ … ]
In the next five to ten years, we can safely predict that industry and our daily lives will be further affected by game-changing innovations in technology. AI, machine-learning, virtual reality, IOT – all of these have and will continue to change the way we interact with customers, business partners, and even our close friends. We live in a time of rapid change and can so easily overlook the importance of adapting to the new ecosystem around us, in particular altering or transforming the way we think about security. Unfortunately, cybercrime is developing faster than many positive innovations, [ … ]