The MIDMRKT CIO Forum brings together top IT executives and solution providers in the midmarket space. After three days of collaboration, presentations, and networking, CIOs award the solutions providers that they see as strategic partners for their business during the “Vendor Excellence” ceremony. One standout vendor from the last two CIO Forums was @Risk Technologies.

Winning multiple awards at the 2018 and 2019 CIO Forum, including the CIO Choice award, @Risk Technologies has proven to be a trusted and promising partner for the MIDMRKT CIO community.

I sat down with CEO, Sean O’Brien to understand the value @Risk has received from partnering with MIDMRKT Suite and their keys to a successful CIO Forum.

  1. How would you describe your overall experience at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum?

In one word – Underestimated. One hundred IT professionals, who are running at their peak, are in attendance. Each CIO attendee is working for a company that is looking to scale, scale, scale and has a CEO driving value. They come to the CIO Forum with their experience and professionalism, expecting nothing less from the vendors that come. Steel sharpens steel at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum.

  1. What do you think makes @Risk successful at the CIO Forum?

Honest and earnest conversations. Our team asks more questions than gives opinions. We honestly respond to the questions and are able to go beyond traditional marketing answers. Many vendor companies send under trained and under enthused armed only with one-liners. A consistent theme from those we met said, ‘your team spoke with authority and sounded different’.

  1. What advice would you give a new incoming sponsor?

You have to come prepared for no-hype, common sense, and practical discussions with CIOs. Leave marketing buzzwords behind and be ready to go deep with these decision-makers – they are at the top of their game, and they've done their research. Don't send your junior varsity – it doesn't show well, and it impacts your brand.

  1. Describe the relationships that you've acquired at the last two CIO Forums?

We haven't acquired any customers, only partners. The CIOs that have chosen to work with us want to join in a common cause to defend Mainstreet USA. We know the CIOs and they know us. We are working together to help them achieve their strategic goals and have become an integral partner in that effort.

  1. How has the MIDMRKT CIO Forum helped @Risk Technologies be successful?

Where else can you get a real sense-making and feedback mechanism from industry leadership in three days? MIDMRKT CIO Forum helped us to validate, distill and clarify our messaging. We learned their ideas on how to resolve real needs that they face on a daily basis. Because of the CIO Forum, we have partnered with CIOs that not only purchased our product but are committed to helping us enhance our product offering.

Learn how @Risk Technologies and others have been successful at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum.

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