Continuing to drive value across the country, MIDMRKT Local is gaining momentum. The most recent roundtable took place in Charlotte, NC, hosted by Symantec. Participants had a great discussion about cybersecurity, listened to a brief presentation by Symantec, and spent time networking with peers.

One participant said, “I had a great time attending the MIDMRKT Local event in Charlotte! This organization seems to really have their finger on the pulse of the midmarket. I always find these events to be very informative all while providing a great opportunity for networking and meeting new peers/colleagues throughout the local community. What a great organization!” ~ Gregory R. Werner, IT Infrastructure and Security Manager, Nucor Skyline

Key Themes at MIDMKRT Local | Charlotte

What are IT leaders doing to protect the company and users? IT leaders discussed their efforts to educate and protect the organization through phishing exercises, user training, and technologies like 2-factor authentication. They discussed the concern about internal security threats, which can be more damaging than outside hackers.

What should IT leaders be doing? More, more, more…Every executive in the room agreed that they should be doing more to ensure security at every level – in and outside the organization. In fact, having a 24/7 secure environment was the goal discussed among the group. Working with solution providers, internal training, and consistent testing were among the activities they agreed would be best to lower the risks of internal and external attacks.

Barriers for progress: Attendees discussed many obstacles they are still trying to overcome in order to inch closer to an 100% secure environment. Among the barriers discussed were:

  • Legacy systems and applications
  • Mobile workforce
  • Plant networks and control systems

Hiring a part-time CISO: For many midmarket companies a CISO is simply not possible because of funding constraints. With the goal of a 24/7 secured environment, IT leaders are looking for ways to fill the responsibilities of a CISO. Suggested actions:

  • Hire a service provider to monitor their systems full time.
  • Hire a part-time CISO (Many agree that this skill set is very hard to find).
  • Hire a virtual CISO – Different than SIM monitoring, a virtual CISO focuses on low to higher level threats, which helps IT leaders to assess risk and prioritize.

Other topics among the discussion were pin testing, patching, security policies, and useful technologies.

Executives were thrilled to be a part of valuable discussion among peers. Frank DePaola, Head of Information Security at EnPro Industries, Inc. said, “It’s always a great experience attending MIDMRKT events. They provide a unique opportunity to learn from my peers, create new friendships in the local community, and get a glimpse of new trends taking shape through our vendors.”

Check to see when MIDMRKT Local will be in your city!

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