The first of a two-part series, ‘Creating a Culture of Inclusion’, was held on August 22nd. Mary Patry, IT Executive Coach and Advisor at ITEffectively, lead the conversation among a community of women in senior IT roles. "Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another." - Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize for Literature recipient, 1993 Mary Patry shared a few statistics by the National Center for Women in Technology, which provides a look at the gender gap in the IT field: Although 57% of all bachelor-degree recipients are women, only [ … ]
A common challenge among sponsors of any event is closing deals. At the MIDMRKT CIO Forum, building lasting relationships and securing a solid pipeline are guaranteed, if a vendor is focused, confident and engaging. Soaring Eagle is one of the CIO Forum’s most successful sponsors, so I sat down with Sales Executive, Devon Garbus to learn more about their experience and success at the event. How would you describe your overall experience at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum? Excellent! One of the best run conferences we’ve been to, and definitely well worth the investment. Everyone [ … ]
As a CIO, I always struggled with the value of cyber insurance. The question of cost versus value kept me at a stalemate. On one hand, I was told that having this insurance was a must in case of a data breach, but on the other hand, it would be nearly impossible to prove what was needed to ensure a payout if a data breach occurred. In the midst of this conundrum, there was one guarantee I had to ensure – do everything in my power to protect the organization’s data and ensure continued operations no [ … ]
The MIDMRKT CIO Forum brings together top IT executives and solution providers in the midmarket space. These three days of collaboration, presentations, and networking are packed full of valuable conversations and new opportunities. Syncsite is one partner that has gained great value from being a part of the MIDMRKT community. I sat down with Bryan Marks, Director of Marketing to understand how Syncsite has leveraged the partnership with MIDMRKT Suite. How would you describe your overall experience at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum? Syncsite’s overall experience has been good. It took a couple of Forums to [ … ]
‘Caveat emptor’ (Latin translation: “Let the buyer beware”) is good advice for every CIO. The CIO is a steward of company funds and is expected to make decisions in the best interests (see profitability) of their company. Sales representatives from cloud providers are trying to gain sales, as their primary loyalty is the profitability of their company – not yours. So, how can we, as CIOs, be sure there is a mutually beneficial business transaction when working with cloud sales representatives? First, let’s observe the current hype about the cloud. You would think from the press [ … ]