Top 5 Security Truths Every CIO Should Know – Part 1

Provided By: NeuEon Connect with peers on this topic and others at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. Anyone peeking into the mind of a CIO will see it swirling with challenging questions. A tornado of limited resources, balancing security and technology, and feeling alone in it all—obstructing the path to security success. What’s worse is that the [...]

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How Agile Mid-Market Companies Establish Structure and Governance Without a PMO

Provided By: Neueon Connect with peers on this topic and others at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. Over the years, NeuEon has worked with many mid-market companies facing a unique challenge: how to realize the benefits of a structured Project Management Office (PMO) with limited resources. Mid-size and large firms have similar project [...]

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From CIO to CEO: A Holistic Approach to Business Leadership

CIOs are uniquely positioned to be dynamic leaders in times of change management   There's plenty of chatter these days about the evolution of IT and the ever-changing role of the CIO as technology has become critical across all business functions. While technology has moved to the forefront of most, if not all, business discussions - How [...]

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The CIO’s Evolving Role: Technologist to Operations Expert

Move Over Motivational Speakers, There's (Yet) Another New Duty for CIOs It’s true, a CIO’s job, by any job description you’ve ever read, focuses on the management of technology. The inventory, assessment, strategic road mapping, subsequent deployment plans and ongoing maintenance/upgrades. These efforts, while important to success, are basic blocking and tackling components, and the [...]

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Unleash the Power of IT

Innovation is no longer a pesky buzzword tossed about in executive meetings; it’s imperative for midmarket organizations to remain competitive in the marketplace. Digital innovation carries different meaning across industry verticals, but IT leaders are tasked with leading successful initiatives to empower finance, HR, and sales teams to function more efficiently and cohesively. However Talent [...]

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